BFP has made a final statement – read it here.  And I feel I owe BFP an apology since I focused too much on the specific issue between her and Amanda Marcotte, which was not what she wanted, instead of focusing on the larger problem of white feminists appropriating the words and ideas of Women of Colour feminists.  H/T to Sylvia at Problem Chylde

And then, Amanda Marcotte published her new bookIt’s a Jungle Out There, complete with really, really racist imagery of a beautiful white woman, fighting off “savages” in the “jungle”.  Oh. Dear. God.   Good discussion of the issue at Feministe here and here.  You can read Amanda’s apology here.  Beware:  some of the comments are really, really frustrating (the images are ironic!!  Bush is in power because lefties spend too much time criticising each other!!).  And Seal Press’s “apology” here

Seal Press, for those of you who don’t know, recently got into an argument on the blog of Black Amazon, relating to the lack of women of colour being published by them, and their inability to process this criticism.  And I would link to that, but…

BA has also quit blogging. (H/T again to Sylvia)

And I’m gutted – two of the best feminist bloggers in under a month.

Feminism is never going to be a revolutionary movement, unless it addresses all systems of oppression. That means that privileged women, like myself, have to take responsiblity for our privilege.