So, as the entire world knows already, John McCain has selected a woman to be his vice-presidential candidate.

 A right-wing, anti-choice, anti-environment woman.

 But hey, she’s got boobies, right?

 This is pretty clearly pandering to the PUMAs, the Hillary Clinton supporters who are so devastated that she lost that they’re planning on supporting McCain.

 Sylvia/M provides a hilarious insight into the thought processes of one such woman.

 My personal interpretation of the motivation of these people:


 Of COURSE it’s racism.

 Honestly, you expect me to believe you’re such a big feminist that you’re devastated that a woman is not your party’s candidate, and so you’re going to vote for an anti-choice candidate instead?  Who is on the record as opposing equal pay for equal work?!?  Who thinks “how do we beat the bitch” (in reference to your favourite candidate) is funny??!??

 Or are you just refusing to vote for an African-American?  Listen to the women on the video at Sylvia/M’s – refusing to vote for someone because he may have spent time at a Muslim school is racist (it’s also, in Obama’s case, erroneous).

 At the very least, if you’re so pissed off at the Democrats that you can’t vote for them, I’d expect to see you supporting Cynthia McKinney.  

 But hey, she’s African-American too, isn’t she? 

 To quote Tim Wise – your whiteness is showing.